1. Houghton, MI - Keweenaw Bay

    In the middle of our week away, Mr and I took a day trip to Houghton, another 80-some miles north from our lake. After taking in the Keweenaw Bay, we continued along Portage Lake which cuts across the peninsula.

    We then had beers at the Keweenaw Brewing Co taproom, staffed by two of the friendliest fellows I’ve ever met, who recommended we head a few doors down to The Ambassador for a late lunch. As we soon learned, The Ambassador is a former speakeasy with dark wood paneled walls and hand-painted murals of gnomes brewing beer and playing cards all anchored by a heavy wood and brass bar.

    We slipped into an intimate, burgundy leather semicircle booth and ordered what seemed to be their specialties - giant girlie drinks served in a “fishbowl” and thin-crust pizza. After devouring our late lunch, we began our way back to “the lowlands” as they call our area of the peninsula, briefly stopping at and hiking the Canyon Falls trail.


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    This is why I am so glad to call Houghton Home.
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